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Our Team

Dr. Anil Kumar

Founder cum CMD

Mr. Kamal Srivastava


Mr. Ashok Kumar

DR. ANIL KUMAR (Founder Cum CMD)
A man of will power, integrity, responsibility, honesty, Dr Anil Kumar. He is one of the pure hearted and hard working men. His dedication towards work reveals his true identity. He is one of the best scholars, Dr. Anil Kumar has done his scholarship in Physics in Bihar. His skills were horned in the early student days of school and college and there by counted among the youth as a youth icon on the global platform.
Some of the prestigious post held by him are as follows:
  1. CMD of Studentsky Private Limited, Hinoo Ranchi (JH)
  2. Secretary of Bhola Institutional Trust, Hinoo Ranchi (JH)
  3. Chairman of SAAN Foundation, Ranchi
  4. Treasurer of Sarvodaya Seva Samiti, Rajasthan
  5. Principal of Adarsh Ucch Vidyalaya (Chota Muri, Ranchi)
  6. Proprietor of Semida (JH)
  7. Partnership in Semitic Edge, Ranchi (JH)
  8. Vice President of Assembly of Human Rights and Justice.
His main mission in his life is:
  1. To bring smile on everyone's face, specially handicapped and underprivileged categories.
  2. Work with dedication and support our society and Nation.
  3. To literate everyone in this country.
  4. To change the present education system and help the underprivileged students.
"Working hard for something we don't care about is called Stress, Working hard for something we care about is called Passion" and for him "work is passion". He loves to read books based on National leader, freedom fighter, Sufi saints etc. His one of the favorite book of freedom fighter is “THE INDIAN STRUGGLE”, which was written by the great Indian Nationalist and leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
MR. ASHOK KUMAR (Director)
Mr Ashok Kumar, a managing director of the StudentSky Pvt. Ltd. his higher education is B.ed, and had worked as a teacher in Muri, he is also a treasure in Bhola Institute. He’s having a great knowledge of technology and he had always delivered the knowledge more than expected. He works with full dedication and support in all activities.
MRS NITU SINGH (Operational Manager)
There’s nothing more empowering that a business women working that would traditionally belong to a man. She sets an example that you should never lose faith in yourself and keep on fighting to achieve your dreams. Mrs. Nitu Singh , had passed her graduation in Arts in Philosophy. From 2013 she had been working as an operational manager in StudentSky Private Limited. She had an outstanding interpersonal and professional communication skills.
MRS ANITA KUJUR (Office Assistant/ Cashier)
If you have the confidence in your abilities and skills no one can stops you to achieve your goal and to be a successful women. Mrs. Anita Kujur, she had passed her 10th from Ursuline Convent Gumla, and had done 12th from Kartik Oraon College. She has been working in this company since 2011 as an Office Assistant as well as Cashier. She has an excellent command on computer.

We build relationships, believe in passion. We are action-oriented. We help students discover where they want to go and help them make that happen. Our ideas are open to all. We have valuable connections and most importantaly we are a team.